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Questions to the tattoo master and answers to them


Художественная татуировка
Консультация мастера БЕСПЛАТНО
Миниатюрная татуировка (10х10 см) от 5000 руб.
Татуировка среднего размера (15х15 см) от 15000 руб
Татуировка большого размера (более 5 часов) от 25000 руб.
Стоимость часа работы от 5000 руб.
Разработка индивидуальных эскизов
Если татуировку делает наш мастер БЕСПЛАТНО
Эскиз для миниатюры (10х10 см) от 5000 руб.
Эскиз среднего размера (15х15 см) от 10000 руб
Эскиз большого размера от 15000 руб.
Перекрытие старых татуировок
Консультация мастера БЕСПЛАТНО
Стоимость перекрытия определяется МНДИВИДУАЛЬНО
Художественная татуировка
Гостевое место 3000 р./день

Why a consultation is needed?

First of all, during a consultation, you discuss your idea with a master, he will answer all your questions, advise how to make your tattoo harmoniously fit into your body and reflect your ideas as much as possible, and also look great after healing. In addition, a personal consultation will help you navigate the cost of a tattoo, because it is difficult to remotely determine the exact price, because it depends on many factors: the size, detail, application technique, location and type of skin.

How to take care of a tatture after a session?

The quality of a tattoo is 50% dependent on proper care! There are 2 ways to care for a tattoo after a session, and your master will definitely advise which method is best suited specifically for your tattoo:

1) By Suprasorb F.

At the end of the session, the tattoo artist treats the place of the tattoo with chlorhexidine / miramistin and applies Suprasorb F. film to the entire damaged surface. We recommend that you wear the film for no more than 5 days, then remove the film (how to remove Suprosorb P painlessly in our blog), rinse the tattoo in warm water and anoint with a moisturizer. Continue to moisturize the tattoo until it heals completely.

2) By means of the soiling dips and Doctor Pro.

At the end of the session, the tattoo artist lubricates the tattoo with DoctorPRO healing cream and applies an absorbent diaper. It is necessary to remove the bandage 3-5 hours after the session. Rinse thoroughly with running water in body temperature with baby or antibacterial soap. Try to be gentle with the tattoo, but persistent in your desire to wash away all the discharge. After washing, dry the tattoo for 5-10 minutes, or gently pat it with a clean paper towel. Apply a thin layer of DoctorPRO cream to dry skin. Then close with an absorbent diaper and fix it with a band-aid.

Repeat the procedure 3 times a day (to sleep also in the diaper), until the nest and excess paint stop printing on the diaper (1-3 days). As soon as the prints no longer remain on the diaper, you can not wash the tattoo and do not use an absorbent diaper (but continue to smear with cream until it is completely healed).

What are contraindications in the healing process?

CATEGORALLY FORBIDDEN IN THE HEALING PERIOD: Visit baths / pools / open ponds / solarium; Steam / soak / comb / handle means (which are not included in the list recommended by the master); Exclude alcohol (during the first 2 days of healing); Exercise can be resumed one week after the session

Lifelong tattoo care?

Use sun cream. The worst enemy of a tattoo is the sun's rays, or rather ultraviolet. Therefore, use a tanning agent with protection class A and an SPF value greater than 50. A tan is temporary, a tattoo is permanent. Tattoo update If you see that the tattoo has lost its former brightness - it's time to sign up for a tattoo parlor. Some tattoos need to be renewed (usually done every 5-7 years). At the same time, figure out how to continue it.

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