Celtic tattoo

The Celts are a people with a harsh and independent character. After themselves, they left drawings on the rocks - unusual patterns with entwined faces and animals.

The most popular types:

  • The Celtic cross is a cross in appearance, and in the center is a circle representing eternity.
  • Four-leaf clover - a tree with leaves: 1-luck, 2-Faith, 3-love, 4-luck.
  • The tree of life is a tree whose branches and roots are intertwined with each other.

Each tattoo has its own meaning, and each interweaving symbolizes unexpected turns of life.

Features of Celtic Tattoo Style

Such tattoos have many meanings. Before applying a tattoo in the Celtic style, you need to carefully study its symbolism. For example, the Celtic cross is of great importance to completely contradictory meanings. If in doubt about the choice, be sure to consult a tattoo master. Our studio employs really high-level professionals.


Who would like a Celtic tattoo?

Celtic tattoo style is chosen by extraordinary people with an independent character.


The artists work in this style:

Dasha Sokolova

Karina Shturman

Alina Vax

Aleksandra Yarushina

Jane Zimina

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

Alya Sepraven

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