Dotwork tattoo

Dotwork (literally translated from English as "work with dots") is a technique of applying a tattoo with dots with different intervals and intensities. This technique of tattoos was used by Africans before our era, apparently, it was the easiest for that time - to put dots. Much later (in 1885), the idea of ​​drawing with dots came to the mind of French artists, this direction was called pointillism (from the French “pointe” - a point, hence the pointes of ballerinas when they dance on toes).

And then, at the end of the 20th century, this punctuation entrenched itself in tattoo art.

стиль дотворк

Features of the Dotwork tattoo

The make-up is usually done in black, sometimes red, but you can use other colors if you wish - what if you get something completely new, some kind of non-finish?

For finer use thinner needles, so that the points clearly differ in the figure. As a rule, points are set evenly, with established gaps that create the rhythm of the picture. The intensity of the pattern and color saturation depend on the density of the dots. It is believed that the paintwork applied by the tattoo on equal footing and the customer’s skin visible between the dots are considered to be equally involved - they together create a pattern. Sometimes masters specially draw with large dots, it turns out the so-called grain, it is noticeable even at a great distance.

Work as a finishing worker is laborious, requires more time, but retains its original neat appearance for longer, without requiring correction.

Who can do Dotwork style?

The finish is considered a unisex technique, i.e. well suited for both men and women. Those and others are free to place on themselves at least portraits of loved ones, at least patterns, at least images of animals, birds, fish or plants.

Tattoo in the do-it-yourself technique looks very impressive, made in the form of necklaces or collars on the neck, bracelets or arm ruffles on the arms and legs. Women are especially fond of decorating their hips, lifting their legs or forearms with patterns of breeches. Men also use dotwork on their arms, legs, arms, and chest. But men usually prefer larger stories, and to perform them with a clean finish will take half a life, so the finish is combined with other techniques - black and white realism, graphics.

The main thing that you should remember when ordering a do-gooder is that the master should not only be an experienced professional, but also with mathematical abilities, because without them he will not be able to calculate everything, and it will turn out on your body not a do-gooder, but a black mess. Therefore, when choosing a wizard, at least ask him: how much will be twice two. If you do not know the correct answer, then at least look at his portfolio. But this is a must!

The artists work in this style:

Jane Zimina

Dasha Sokolova

Alya Sepraven

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

Aleksandra Yarushina

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