Ethnic tattoo

Pagan tattoos are very popular. Colored and monochrome, small and large, complex and simple - most often they are associated with mysticism, assigning a protective value. There are two types of pagan tattoos - Scandinavian and pagan.

Scandinavian motifs are most often the marine theme, as well as images of animals, plants, intricate patterns, deities and runic signs.

Slavic tattoo motifs have powerful energy and protect their owner. These are images of Slavic gods, runes. The main elements of such drawings are the sun, a tree, a crown, a boat, a snake.

Features of a tattoo in the style of Ethnic tattoo

In ancient times, pagan-style tattoos were applied to the skin like amulets that kept their wearer from the destructive forces of dark magic and evil spirits. Particular attention was paid to the color of the tattoo. Drawings were performed, both in monochrome and in color.

Who would suit Ethnic tattoo?

Pagan tattoos look good in any color scheme. They are suitable for both men and women. However, pagan gods are usually depicted on a large scale on the back, chest or arm. Pagan style tattoos are well covered by scars and scars.



The artists work in this style:

Alya Sepraven

Jane Zimina

Aleksandra Yarushina

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