Geometric tattoo

Tattoos using geometric shapes were used in ancient Egypt. But this style was developed not so long ago, and now it is in its heyday.

The basis of the figure is the interweaving of clear lines forming geometric shapes that add up to a recognizable image.

Тату Геометрия

Features of a tattoo in the style of Geometry

In the style of geometry, there is always symbolism, sometimes understandable at first glance, and sometimes the idea of ​​the customer is so complicated that it needs his personal explanation. And this is good - there is something to talk about when you get to know each other!

By themselves, geometric shapes are very understandable, universally recognized symbols. For example, everyone sees a circle and an oval as “kind, friendly” figures. They are chosen for tattoo by people who reject aggression, are peaceful, harmonious. The square is clear to everyone - thorough and straightforward. Rectangles and squares for their compositions are chosen by people who are persistent, punctual, firmly in their decision. A triangle is a universal and very dynamic figure, because it always has more acute angles than blunt ones. They are chosen by energetic ambitious people, winners by nature. There are figures entirely consisting of sharp corners, this is a zigzag. They are preferred by witty people, visionaries and dreamers.

There are 2 approaches in the style of geometry: the image is made up of geometric figures, or the image of an object is inscribed in some geometric figures.

That is, the symbolism of geometry is still enhanced by the symbol that carries the object. For example, images of animals as symbols were used in emblems. Also, some plants have long been recognized symbols.

Tattoos in a geometric style are well located on any part of the body, the main thing is that the master helps to choose the right size for the picture. Large ones can look good on the chest, forearms, and back. And for arms, ankles and rounded girlish hips, it is advisable to use smaller figures.

Who can get Geometry Tattoo?

Men respect geometric style for clarity and rigidity. Choosing a wolf for tattoo, they present themselves as a fearless and tireless hunter. Men like cats because they are independent and also walk on their own. Often guys want to see a bear on themselves - a symbol of power and eternal life. Leo will emphasize the nobility and regality of the alpha male. And owls are suitable for those who are on their own mind - any company prefers wisdom and contemplation.

Girls for tattoos often use graceful cats, sly foxes, flowers and birds.

A good master will be able to give mathematically accurate geometric shapes the necessary feminine qualities: grace and sexuality. You just need to find this professional with a mathematical mindset, because a tattoo on the body is not for you to draw in the notebook's cells, it is much more difficult.

The artists work in this style:

Dasha Sokolova

Jane Zimina

Aleksandra Yarushina

Alya Sepraven

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

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