Graphic tattoo

This style cannot be unambiguously attributed to old or new, since some of its essential elements have been used since the time of the first techniques, but in general the style is considered to be young - it became fashionable when the movement of punks decided to add flair and visual effects. These gloomy and determined guys (well, girls, of course, where would they be without them) appreciated clear contours, rich black color and uncompromising shading of shadows in the form of sharp dashes. All this ideally fell on their ideology “Against all!”

Тату в стиле Графика

Features of Tattoo Graphics

The graphics are always stiff and sharp. This style is also called engraving by some because of its similarity with illustrations from old books. And they are right, but you should not confuse it with other styles. Graphics do not recognize the blurring of black to gray as in black and gray or chicano. But this style can be combined in one tattoo with a finisher (drawing with sharp points) or blackwork (the presence of figures filled with black). The main thing is to remember that only excellent drawing masters should execute graphics, since your personal body curves can distort the image, and instead of hard graphics you will get a caricature on yourself. Professionals will never allow this.

Who can get a graphic style tattoo?

This style is unisex, that is, equally good for men and women. The plots used are also very diverse. Often they choose some old pictures: knights, for example, or gallant bearded men in hats with lush feathers and velvet camisoles. All sorts of old fantasies such as unicorns or humanoid monsters, like in the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, work well in this style.

Different plants, insects and animals look very profitable in the graph. In this technique, peonies, dragonflies and wolves look divinely. But there are tons of other options! The same trees with carved leaves, such as palm trees, or some kind of fanged animals, such as vampires. Finally, there are toothy skulls and skeletons with crosses in bony hands! Just do not count. But all this must be done by the hand of an excellent master in order to become a stylish and unforgettable Graphics.

The artists work in this style:

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

Aleksandra Yarushina

Alya Sepraven

Dasha Sokolova

Jane Zimina

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