Gravure tattoo

The engraving was invented a very long time ago, because there were always people with artistic inclinations who in the Stone Age hollowed drawings on the rocks, and in the 7th century they began to scratch wooden or metal plates, and smeared them with paint, made impressions from them with friends as a gift or for those wishing to sale.

We all love books about the good old days, it seems to us that then everything was decorous, noble and truly. We also love the style of engraving, the embodiment of that time of brave knights and beautiful ladies in tattoo art.

Тату Гравюра

Features of an Gravure tattoo

A tattoo in this style is like ... an old engraving, like a child to parents. Specifically: it is usually done in one color (often in black), sometimes in 2 contrasting colors, it is done with clear lines, there is no blurring of contours, but there is always a shading - neat and obvious.

Plots, as a rule, are medieval, historical and mythological, even religious, but fantasy is also possible. You can come up with a coat of arms and a motto for yourself, beloved, or make a master sweat by copying a famous fresco on your chest, why not Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper?

Who can get a tattoo Gravure?

Engraving is stylish and beautiful. It is suitable for everyone who loves clear lines, a good drawing and a rich plot in a tattoo.

Of course, it is not necessary to use only the Middle Ages in this style, because the engraving can depict anything, even a rocket, even a musical instrument or a comic book hero.

There is only one small hack - this type of tattoo requires a firm hand and even an art education from the master, because only there they put the drawing properly. Otherwise, the tattoo will not look neat, but over time and generally chickens laugh.

The artists work in this style:

Alya Sepraven

Jane Zimina

Dasha Sokolova

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

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