Linework tattoo

A distinctive feature of this style, which appeared about ten years ago, is, of course, the line. In fact, any drawing can be called work with lines, but in this case, the line is not an auxiliary tool, but the main character. Moreover, not even one line, but their ordered group. In the same way as in the final drawing the pattern is created by rhythmic drawing of dots, so here it is an ordered collection of lines that embodies an object or pattern. Common to these styles is the sharpness of the lines, the geometry and the correctness of the figures.

тату Лайнворк

Features of Tattoo Style

In the eyes of an inexperienced customer, it may seem that it is much easier to perform a linework than other tattoo styles, and therefore you can turn to a novice master, whose work is cheap. But the harsh truth of life is that it is not at all. After the inept pens of an inexperienced tattoo, you will be left with uneven scruffy lines of different thicknesses, and over time some of them will merge in ecstasy and then only blackwork or Malevich with his black square can help you.

By the way, linework most often uses black paint, as well as red. But any contrasting colors are acceptable.

Who will fit the Linework style?

The linear tattoo technique is great for both men and women who respect clarity, minimalism and geometric shapes. A good master will be able to create a truly spectacular image in the style of linework, which captivates with its imagination and conciseness. In this technique, you can depict patterns, animal figures, stylized plants, characters in animated films, etc.

You can choose any tattoo location. The lintwork looks equally good on the arms, forearms, and legs, hips, calves. Masterfully executed linework will emphasize beauty if placed under a girl’s chest.

It is important to know that for small compositions it is necessary to reduce the detail so that the lines do not merge with time. If your idea requires a lot of details, listen to the master, who, recognizing your exuberant fantasies, will probably advise you to make a tattoo larger in size. Believe me, this is not from greed, but from his own experience, of course, if he is a professional. And do not contact others.

The artists work in this style:

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

Jane Zimina

Alya Sepraven

Dasha Sokolova

Aleksandra Yarushina

Karina Shturman

Alina Vax

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