Minimal tattoo

Minimalism in tattoos arose as long ago as modernism in art. This style appeals to those who are distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity, who want to solve the riddle encrypted in the figure. Typically, a tattoo in this style looks like a sketch. Only the carelessness of execution inherent in the drafts has nothing to do with it. Common features in this case are the ease of image, a minimum of details and colors. In a word, the speaking name of the style explains everything.

тату минимализм

Features tattoos in the style of minimalism

As a rule, tattoos in the style of minimalism and size coincide with its name. But there are exceptions: the image is quite large, and the picture is simple, unloaded, a semantic idea is visible, a laconic composition. This is also minimalism. Often depict symbols or silhouettes of easily recognizable animals, flowers, literary or fairy-tale characters. Coloring is not rich, only 2-4 colors, but the idea can be laid down - not every smart one will guess!

Who would like a minimalist tattoo?

First of all, to curious but cautious people: I want to try a tattoo on myself, but it's scary, or my mother doesn’t tell me, like, for example, teenagers. Then a wise thought arises: “After all, a little is not considered!” And the answer, however, is not bad - I made a tattoo for myself, and only those who can can know about it.

Another case suitable for minimalism: a person does not want to strongly modify himself, but recognizes the beauty of tattoos. Here, the elegant simplicity of minimalism will help him out. And at a price, maybe it will be cheaper, and in time. The main thing is that this be done carefully, then healing will pass quickly.

The artists work in this style:

Karina Shturman

Dasha Sokolova

Aleksandra Yarushina

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