Oriental tattoo

Oriental is a style that never ceases to be updated. Japanese culture gave it a subtle pliability, while preserving the soul. In such tattoos you can find stories of oriental folklore and centuries-old traditions.

These can be objects related to nature - cherry blossoms, peonies, chrysanthemums. Or complex icons, the meaning of which was determined over the centuries of religious interpretation, passing through art. Water is the most important background of the main plots. And blood - those dramatic red spots that are often found in Japanese scenes, as well as dragons, demons and geisha.

Features Oriental Tattoo

If you gave your choice in favor of oriental style tattoos, then be prepared for a large scale. Typically, an oriental tattoo occupies an entire sleeve or forearm.



Who will find Oriental tattoos?

Such tattoos are chosen by people who want to attract attention and get a drawing with a deep meaning. This style is more suitable for men, however, the fair sex sometimes make small compositions on the forearm.


The artists work in this style:

Karina Shturman

Alina Vax

Jane Zimina

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