Ornamental tattoo

This style came to us from Polynesia, the cradle of tattoos. On all these thousand islands of Oceania, priestesses, using shark teeth, needles of a sea urchin and prickly plants, filled complex symbolic ornaments for boys and men. The richer and more significant the man was, the longer he had to endure, because a more complex ornament showed a higher status, but again it helped, as was believed, better. After all, these tattoos were ritual, they were applied for protection. Since then, until our time, ornamental tattoos always carry some kind of information and meaning, it is important to know and understand it well.

Тату на груди

Features of tattoo in the style of Ornamental

It is believed that the Ornamental pattern is similar to woodcarving. It is symmetrical and includes various wavy and broken lines interwoven into knots, geometric shapes, as well as the main symbols of the pagans, the Sun and the Moon. Of course, the inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean brought their immediate environment into this style: fish, birds and turtles, exotic flowers and ferns.

The Ornamental style uses the Linwork (patterns of lines), Finishing (patterns of dots) and Blackwork (thick black lines and geometric elements) techniques, combining them in their ornaments.

Who can fit the Ornamental?

If you want to create a totem to protect yourself from unknown but formidable forces, an Ornamental style tattoo is your right choice. Moreover, it can be placed on the chest, and on the wrist, and on the legs, and on the neck, and on the thigh. Yes, anywhere, given that initially it was applied even on the tongue, head and genitals. After this, you must admit, even a whole back is not scared to give away for protection from evil spirits. It is important to choose the right pattern, because all the characters in this style have their own meaning, so turn to connoisseurs - masters who have studied Polynesian themes from the source, otherwise you will throw some kind of wrong tatu to you and call troubles on your head instead of protection.

In general, this style is very time-consuming - the ornaments are applied in more than one session, it means the presence of skill and patience with the performer, as well as firmness and perseverance at the customer, especially if the ornament is complex, status. But the effect of a good tattoo is amazing!

The artists work in this style:

Aleksandra Yarushina

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