Realism tattoo

They tried to replace realism in art with all sorts of modernist things, but he invariably enjoyed the love of most people. Even in the second half of the 19th century, some daredevils set up their bodies with the aim of portraying portraits of heroic personalities on them, but then it really was a brave act, because a tattoo machine was created only at the end of this century. But in the 20th century, with the further development of tattooing equipment, Realistic Tattoo made a breakthrough and became available at a high quality level.

Тату Реализм

Features of the tattoo in the style of realism.

The main feature of Realism is its photographic credibility. The image seems vibrant, voluminous, especially if it is a three-dimensional technique.

The tattoo can be made monochrome in black and gray and then this is Realistic Black & Gray Tattoo, in which shades of gray are obtained by diluting the black ink to various degrees. And it can use a lot of colors and then Realistic Color Tattoo looks the most picturesque, but there is some difficulty - the master will have to choose color spots so that there is very little white color, otherwise the beauty will be short-lived.

In general, the master's artistic level in Realism provides 99% success. Judge for yourself - a schoolboy on a piece of paper can draw a black square relatively evenly, and only a skilled artist can realistically depict the head of a lion, for example, even on paper. What can we say about the body! Believe me, even among experienced tattooists, the Realism style is on the shoulder only for units. He is the most labor-intensive and highly paid, but "Cheap - yes rotten, expensive - yes sweet!" - as my grandmother used to say.

Who would suit a realism tattoo?

Due to their photographic nature, this style is chosen by those who want to get a portrait of their hero, their beloved (beloved), their ideal or just a bomb beauty. And even ideals are found among animals and birds: a grinning wolf, for example, is ideally furious, a wriggling snake is ideally plastic, a flying eagle is ideally powerful. You can go on ad infinitum. Women choose elegant flowers and exotic plants, portraits of loved ones.

It is important to remember that these close people risk becoming a laughing stock on your body in the hands of an inept tattoo. Be sure to look for the Master with a capital letter for this style, and do not be afraid to overpay - the high-quality realism is worth it, it is priceless!

The artists work in this style:

Alina Vax

Karina Shturman

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