Watercolor tattoo

The founder of this trend of the tattoo is called Amanda Vachob. After one day she woke up with blurry drawings on her hands, which soon disappeared as it had never happened, but managed to give her an association with watercolors, the girl used this mystical clue 100% and founded a completely new style in the tattoo.

Тату Акварель

Features of a tattoo in the style of Watercolor

We all started in kindergarten with watercolors. This was considered the most accessible visual technique for kids, probably because the fuzzy lines drawn by awkward fingers in a watercolor drawing are quite appropriate and even necessary, and a simple drop of water from a brush can hide any artist’s mistakes.

But you understand - in a tattoo, only real artists and experienced tattoo artists can provide this blurring of contours and smooth transitions of color tones. Because the tattoo looks more like a painting done with a soft brush than the result of stuffing with a sharp needle. This is a real artistic canvas on the body and, like any work of painting, can combine a wealth of colors and an exciting plot, but it should always be beautiful. Most often it is a colored tattoo.

Who might want a Watercolor tattoo?

Usually romantic feminine natures prefer this style, but the craving for beauty is not divided by gender, on the contrary, there were much more recognized male artists. So the style is suitable for all those who love fine art, light flowing lines and unique painting. The style does not limit you in choosing a plot for a tattoo, but the artistic skill of a tattoo artist is an indispensable condition for this direction.

The artists work in this style:

Karina Shturman

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