Whip shading tattoo

Honestly - whip shading from English, if translated literally, is the “stick” of “shading”. But do not be alarmed, although this is not a tattoo style, but a drawing technique, yet our sadism does not reach the point where you are not tattooed with professional tools. Obviously, the point is that the main figure in this technique is a stroke, like a trace of a whip (oh, these British, lovers of dark humor!) And, gradually changing the density of these strokes, create shadows.

If you have ever worked with the simplest graphics on a computer, then you understand what a gradient is. So here, this gradient is created starting with a thick line, then with separate strokes, then with small strokes it is gradually highlighted until there is no color.

тату Випшейдинг

Features of Whipshading style

You can confuse Whipshading with naivete or black and white realism, but you will not be disgraced if you remember that the main character in the do-it-yourself is not a stroke, but a dot. As for realism, it can have strokes, dots, and smooth lines.

Some young people think that whipshading is done only in black. No way! You can use other colors, but always in contrasting shades.

There is a distinctive feature in whipshading, a secret: a tattoo is created from discrete details - strokes, but it should all look analogous - the transition is smooth and gradual.

Who might want Wipshading?

This technique can be used in any direction of the tattoo, it can depict any plot. The most user-friendly are flowers, animal characters and fantastic creatures. Because this technique perfectly conveys natural surfaces - skins, feathers, fur and leathery coatings of representatives of the fauna, tenderness of the flora petal and rough warts of the monsters of the mind.

In general, if you like to be seduced by you, then vipsheyding is just your choice. Find an experienced professional who, be sure, will spend a lot of time and energy on you, beloved, but will create an intriguing individual tattoo that no one else has.

The artists work in this style:

Alya Sepraven

Aleksandra Yarushina

Jane Zimina

Dasha Sokolova

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

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