Tattoo-artist of the bat IN HAT tattoo Studio

What makes a tattoo Studio cool? Reviews, rating, quality of work, location, sterility of tools. But who is behind all this? Of course, tattoo artists!

Tattoo artists BAT IN HAT

What makes a tattoo Studio cool? Opinions will vary as always, but among the most frequently mentioned are: good reviews, rating, level of masters, quality of work, location, safety, atmosphere.

Who is behind all this, who is in charge? Of course, tattooists!

Let's get to know those who are in charge of the bat in hat Studio. Here they are, professionals in their field:Zhenya, Karina, Alya, Dasha, Alexandra, Nikolai, Vadim and Nikita.

They all differ in the manner and technique of execution, which makes it possible to make a high-quality tattoo in the Studio in absolutely any style: graphics, geometry, engraving, black and white, dork, neo-traditional, minimalism, ornamental, realism, linework, vipshading, watercolor... Each master is a Pro in some style group. For example, Alexandra likes graphics, linework, and geometry, while Nikita likes realism and black and grey.

Our tattoo artists are not afraid to compete with the strongest, they participate and win in tattoo festivals. What does this mean for customers? This means that the level of their work is very high, and the quality is simply impeccable! These masters will never stop in the middle of the path, they will go to the last point, the line, so that the image is perfect. This is the professionalism of tattoo salon masters, their personal responsibility.

But at the same time, they are not stubborn bores - masters easily go to contact to catch the client's idea, the idea itself. Make a sketch until it is "here, this is what you need!". And all for the sake of a great final result. Look at the works on the site - some of them are simply fascinating!

This is the best tattoo Studio in Moscow!