About tattoo artist

I did a census of my grandfather's paintings once. Don't think he wasn't a collector like Neli Jacquemart and Edouard Andre. He was an artist, a painter.

And for me, as a freshman, it was extremely painful to see how a good part of his works languished in the cellars and warehouses of galleries, from where I could not get them out. So what is a tattoo for me? - This is a picture that breathes, lives, walks, travels, flaunts at conventions, God forbid tans, sometimes repaints to please again.

I once asked a tattoo artist I knew, when I was just on the threshold of this profession, if I could combine my work as a foreign language teacher and tattooing. He smiled and answered: 'A tattoo will make you choose.'

I trained on artificial leather at night, drew sketches, filled up all the late masters with a billion questions, taught during the day, so that in the evening I could go to a drawing class - and again to the Studio. I was just dreaming. And after a while, after making my first works, I realized that the choice was made a long time ago and that in General I live in a Studio, I am burning with this business, and my works are here, merged with a person in a way that no art form merges.

Now, working in Europe, participating in conventions and forming your own style, this path from an excellent teacher to a tattoo artist looks like a kind of quest from the Witcher with bosses of the Dark Souls level, traps and secret passages, but it all flies like a rocket when you really want to.

And we also have a constant exchange of energy, and by energy, I mean Goodies, so.. it is not possible to change this profession.

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