About tattoo artist

In the distant two thousand years, my desire to connect life with creativity and tattooing in particular was just beginning to form. Until the two thousandth, I was obsessed with the dream of becoming a mermaid and did not think about any path of the artist. Actually, I never really believed that it happens because from all sides I was surrounded by skepticism

No one around me took seriously the idea that you could be an artist without falling by the wayside. I won't hide it — I probably agreed with this logic somewhere deep down. It was a good or bad joke that I was very easy to get into a weak mood, and I took each of these unintentionally thrown phrases in the spirit of "you can't do it" as a challenge. But the paradox was that I didn't really believe in a positive outcome myself. I just wanted to check whether it will not work, and after that suffer a lack of implementation with a clear conscience

Looking at all this now, I am surprised at two conclusions:

  • It did work out
  • It is not so important to believe in success. The main thing is to do at least something

I think that tattoo is a special language through which man understands himself and learns to hear yourself. Everyone who comes to the session seems to me a conscious and interesting person, because they are no longer satisfied with just pictures from the Internet of these people and they are here for an individual design (which they had to sit and think about).

Tattooing for such people is always about reflection, stating the path already traveled or a goal that needs to be kept in mind. People have different reasons, but the root is always the same-an attempt to get to know yourself. You may not even fully understand why you need it, but any action can not have its consequences. It is always a choice that in the future something causes

Back to the mermaids. Until the age of 10, I still hoped that I would grow gills from frequent sitting in the water, after which I would be taken in a three-liter jar to the open sea, and I would sail away into the sunset. Or at the very least, you could let me go free into some nearby river and say, "well, I can go on by myself," and I really could go on by myself. My dream was supported by Vitas, who was played on TV in all angles and it was obvious that he was a fish man. But it turned out that it didn't work that way, the gills didn't grow. I had to become a tattooer.

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