About tattoo artist

Dasha divided her childhood between drawing in an art Studio and making laps in a dance school. I'm not sure, but maybe she went to General school sometimes. This was not necessary, because she drew her favorite female images for graphics from Soviet cartoons and book illustrations.

After watching a lot of cartoons, this young beauty got the profession of a cinematographer, but the craving for drawing tormented her in dreams. She takes a supposedly movie, suddenly the main character is exposed abruptly and, forgetting the role, yells in a voice not his own: "Draw me things!" And so every night. Until she dreamed of all the extras, throwing off their trousers and shirts, amicably substituting various parts of the body for her and singing the same annoying refrain in chorus.

Daria didn't even go to the fortune – teller-and so everything became clear, but went to our Studio as a sorcerer's apprentice. This teacher is terribly strict, hits the head with a ruler (he protects the tattooer's hands), but Daria is growing in the profession as quickly as the army of blockheads Urfin Jus.

In moments of rest, Dasha remembers her dark past and is nostalgic by shooting portraits on film. If you love elegant tattoos or hope to interest Dasha with your photogenic nature, come to our Studio.

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