About tattoo artist

When in kindergarten I was asked "what do you want to become?" I answered that I wanted to become a tattoo artist: many are not even aware of the existence of this profession, in universities there is no degree in "technology of art tattoo", for me it was something like a profession of secret agent or magician – I really wanted to work there, but had no idea what to do.

But when I really want something, it's hard to stop me, and that's why in 2014 I stood on the threshold of a tattoo Studio in Novosibirsk with an album of my drawings and the intention to persuade the guys to take me for training. In this Studio, I went through a thorny path from an apprentice working for bread to a master working for cookies, I was trained by the most pedantic and picky tattoo artist in all of Novosibirsk, it was tough.

In the summer of 2015, I moved to Moscow and continued to study, spying on the surrounding tattoo artists, then began working in Europe as guest artists, taking over the experience of foreign colleagues. It is difficult to fit into a couple of sentences all the long work that a tattoo artist goes through before becoming a real professional, everything is always simple in words.

But, looking back, I can say that although the path was long and thorny, I never lose interest in my profession, and continue to develop, each new tattoo is someone's story that will remain in the skin of a person for life, my task is to make people love their tattoo and perceive it as an integral part of themselves. It's not an easy task, is it? That's why I love my job so much.

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