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Since my childhood, I was surrounded by a creative mood. My great-grandfather was an artist and I believe that the artistic influence began with him, my parents took me to various art schools and did not prevent my disclosure as an artist in any way. I also drew quite often at school. Once I wanted to become a designer, but life is unpredictable and my becoming a tattoo artist was a surprise for me. When I was about 18 years old, a good friend of mine took a tattoo equipment to get a tattoo made by his friend who draws well, in the end I came to visit him to see the process, rather out of boredom and then began to get a little involved in the tattoo.
Tattoos "hooked" me by the fact that each drawn line remains under the skin forever, this gives focus and importance to this process. Since 2014, I have been doing this craft, this path can't be smooth, you may not be happy with the sketch and you redo it you may not be in the mood and

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