Collarbones tattoo

The bare clavicles of a person demonstrate his openness, sexuality and passion. The collarbone is a favorite "canvas" for the master. Tattoos on this part of the body can be easily hidden under a thick layer of clothing. For example, in autumn or winter, when the temperature reaches a minus point and it gets cold. However, such a tattoo will catch a lot of interested, maybe even surprised looks. Not only your friends and relatives will appreciate the tattoo, but just passers-by. Its owner can enthusiastically surrender to the public.

A sketch of a tattoo on the collarbone. The meaning of the drawings?

There are a lot of tattoo patterns that are familiar to us. For example, a rosebud, different characters, an infinity sign, birds flying somewhere, etc. But even such sketches for a tattoo can have many different interpretations. What does this mean? Some see in this something related to God and religion in general, since the rose is considered a symbol of Francis - the Pope. In many European countries, this flower is associated with their local ritual traditions, rites. But the interpretations that are more understandable and familiar to us are beauty, love and youth.

тату на ключице

Masters making these types of tattoos

Karina Shturman

Alya Sepraven

Jane Zimina

Aleksandra Yarushina

Dasha Sokolova

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