Forearm tattoo

Tattoos on the forearm are generally less painful than on other parts of the body, but some discomfort may be present, as with any type of body art tattoo. Hand tattoos are popular because there is a large segment of the skin on which to write the canvas.

The worst part of the forearm for the tattoo is the area of ​​the wrist. Even with small tattoos, the sensation of a needle hitting the tendons of your arm can be unpleasant and painful. Your general tolerance for pain will always be the best barometer for tattoo tolerance, and you can always ask other people about their experience.

The design of the forearm tattoo is a proven discipline, and there are already many ideas that you can use. The forearm holds everything from a tiny personal symbol to a huge object that people will notice every time they see you. Because of this, forearm tattoos are popular and universal. Since a fresh tattoo is an open wound for some time, try not to expose it to dirty water or chemicals that can cause skin irritation and sensitivity. You need to wait a while before taking a shower to prevent unnecessary “softening” of the area.

Тату на запястье

Masters making these types of tattoos

Dasha Sokolova

Alya Sepraven

Karina Shturman

Alina Vax

Aleksandra Yarushina

Jane Zimina

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

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