Leg tattoo

Recently it has become popular to stuff tattoos on your legs. Among men, body painting lovers - this option has always been highly appreciated. But especially it is fashionable among the fair sex. And this is understandable: a tattoo on a leg in an official setting is easy to hide under clothes, and in an informal one, if you wish, you can flaunt it by wearing, for example, a short skirt or shorts.

Men usually make a tattoo to emphasize brutality. Women - to show individuality and independence, and sometimes to attract male attention to the beauty of their legs. The main thing - in a tattoo you need to know the measure.

Masters making these types of tattoos

Karina Shturman

Jane Zimina

Alya Sepraven

Dasha Sokolova

Alina Vax

Aleksandra Yarushina

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

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