Lower back tattoo

Tattoo on the lower back gained popularity in the 90s. The reason for this was the spirit of the West. When the incendiary Britney Spears and sexy Pamela Anderson appeared on the screens, most of the girls wanted to resemble the object of imitation. Therefore, the masters began to massively order a tattoo on the lower back.

Also, fashion has made its contribution to the popularity of this particular part of the body. Cropped tops and low-waisted jeans encouraged the girls to embellish their lower back. In the modern world, trends have changed, and now the tattoo on the lower back becomes more an intimate element than the public domain.

Another reason why women get tattoos on their lower backs is the lean body fat in this place. The larger the layer, the higher the likelihood that the pattern will “float” over time. On the lower back, the image is rarely deformed.

According to the map of pain, lower back tattoo refers to the sector of less painful areas. Previously, the pattern on this part of the body was mainly a butterfly, flower, or abstraction. Now the tattoo on the lower back is not in special demand. However, those who still make up their minds are creative and do not resort to ready-made sketches. A person who decides to get a tattoo should understand that it is for life. After all, you can get rid of the drawing, but it is a costly and painful procedure.

Тату на лопатке

Masters making these types of tattoos

Jane Zimina

Alya Sepraven

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