Shin tattoo

The lower part of the leg between the knee and ankle is called the shin. But this is not a very common choice for tattooing, because there are many other more demonstrative places on the body.

Typically, such requests are made by those who have already made tattoos on their entire skin and have now decided to get to their feet.

The advantage of this zone is that, in comparison with other parts of the body, the shin itself does not have such a large number of nerve endings and allows you to transfer the pruning process almost painlessly. Some people decide to get a tattoo on their ankles to visually change its shape, but then you have to do it on both legs.

Masters making these types of tattoos

Nikolaj Naumchenkov

Dasha Sokolova

Alya Sepraven

Aleksandra Yarushina

Alina Vax

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